1. Information on the product

Information on the products available on www.messereshop.it is provided in compliance with current laws and, in particular, articles 52 and 53 of the Consumer Code. Messere S.N.C. guarantees the authenticity and the highest quality of each item being authorized for sale by manufacturers of products as their official dealer.

2. Product price

The product price published on the website refers to the individual article, expressed in Euro and including VAT. In compliance with the requirements of art. 53 of the Consumer Code, on acceptance of the order, the Customer receives written confirmation showing the information on the products ordered, the amount paid, the details of the price of each product and the existence of the right to withdrawal, the times and methods for returning the article, the geographical address of Messere S.N.C. and information on the assistance service and any existing warranties.

3. Limited liability 

3.1 Messereshop.it declines every responsibility that, due to a particular configuration of a client's computer or to malfunction, the colors of the products visualized on the web site could appear to be slightly different from the original.

3.2 Messereshop.it is offering its customers the opportunity to purchase only items already available in stock. It is not possible for the customer to order items that are not available. Therefore, any order, containing an article which has become in the meantime, even for mere error, not available, shall be deemed null and void.

3.3 Messere S.N.C. shall not be liable for consequential damages to the items.

3.4 For further information please contact us at info@messereshop.it.